Inigo Wysiwyg editor

Inigo provides you with a wysiwyg editor within your web browser to allow you to make rich changes to your website without having to know anything about HTML coding the language used to code web pages.

"What you see is what you get" is the term used to describe an editor where you can edit in such a way as to see how your changes will look when finished.  Most browser based wysiwyg editors allow you to edit sections of content in a separate editor, Inigo allows you true wysiwyg editing, you can literally edit sections of the page while simply browsing the page.  This gives you a clear view of how your changes will look, and importantly makes it much easier for users to understand how their changes will effect the website.

To edit a page in Inigo you simply browse to the page (in exactly the same way as you would in a normal website), login to the system and click the edit icon which will now be presented.  Once logged in you will be able to edit the page, in a similar fashion to editing a word document, with a toolbar appearing at the top of the page with a full range of HTML formatting functionility.  The below image shows how this page is edited.

Inigo editor screenshot

Context Menu

The Inigo context menu allows a you to insert a variety multimedia files to your page including images, flash, and links to Pdf documents.  A powerful feature of Inigo over other similar products is its ability to insert tables into documents.  Traditionally you need to have more in depth HTML knowledge to work with tables within a web page.  Our table editor changes all this.....

Insert Table dialog

Using the table editor you can change row, and cell properties, add Rows/Columns etc as per the below screen shot.


There is a range of other formatting features, available allowing you to create links to pages within your site, or to external websites if desired.    You can always use the remove formatting feature at any time if you decide you would like to start from scratch on any area, this will return the selection to an unformatted stage.

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