Site wide constants

Sometimes when running a website you will find that there is a need to change a specific piece of content right across your website.  In a traditional site this can mean one of two things.

You may find yourself having to open each page and searching for the text you need to replace, and then amending the text, saving the page and using ftp to transfer the page to the website.

In practice most people would not have to be quite this laborious, and would use a tool to help them, possibly a global replace function such as is available in Dreamweaver.  This function can take some length of time to run through and you also run the risk of amending the same content in places you did not wish to update.

Inigo solves these problems by using the the concept of site constants.  You can insert a site constant into your web page at any point, this constant will then include the latest value from the site constants as stored in the database, when the page is output.

One example of where this may be useful is if your company was to move address.  The address could be defined as a site constant, and included as such in your web pages.  When you have completed your move you would simply go into the Inigo admin area and edit the constant.  Immediately you save the new address as the constant you will see your new address appear across all pages in your website.

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