Why choose 3internet?

So you've looked through our website and seen some of what we can do but your still not sure why you should choose us.  It's easy for us to say that we know that we can deliver on our promises, but perhaps a little harder for you to take what can feel like a big leap of faith to contract us to work for your company.  We know we are exceptionally good at what we do, we love producing top quality websites, and making our clients lives easier.  We are genuinely passionate about the service we provide, and about the industry we work in which all means that you can rest assured you will get the very best service available when you choose us to work for you.  We know all this to be true, but you will no doubt need some further evidence,so to help explain why we feel you should choose us....

Experienced and qualified

We have been working in this business for longer than most, we have a solid background of developing high traffic websites for large companies.  All the people who would work on your website will have built hundreds of websites before yours and understand the possible pitfalls in the project's life cycle, and be able to expertly advise you on how to get the most from your website. As programmers we have worked extensively in Banking and Law environments with experience of how big organisations work. We are a serious and professional organisation, offering a high quality product at genuinely exceptional value for money.

Detailed project plan with clear deliverables

When we start a project we will always deliver a project plan as the starting point of the work enabling you to see exactly what will be delivered and when.

Design Consultation to fit with your branding

The first stage of a design project will then be to work with you to agree your design specifications, normally based heavily around your companies existing branding, if you don't have any branding to work to we can help to produce this.  We will then produce a range of mock up designs to enable you to view different options based around the specifications agreed with you.  We often find that the first cut of designs are very well received, however we work to ensure that you are happy with the design of the site before we start building the site.

Allow you to take control of your website

The next phase of your site development will be for us to build your website.  We like to build all of our sites using our Inigo content management system, this is for a number of reasons but the main two are that it makes it quicker for us to build, and most importantly gives you complete control of your website when we have finished. Having control of your website is a huge benefit to you as it means you never have to wait for the majority of updates, even non-technical people (provided they have been giving access rights of course) can make changes quickly and easy with minimal training required.  We are happy to build sites in traditional html, or custom sites in other technologies such as asp, asp.net.  It is the result of our extensive experience in building sites in this manner that we have developed Inigo, to make common tasks much easier to perform, and provide a richer feature set to you the client. Building a custom site will usually take longer, and will almost always have less features, and cost more, we think it's a simple argument!  Please don't worry that because your site is in a pre-built system it means your site would look similar to other sites using the same system, this is not the case. Every site built in Inigo is unique in the same way as a static html site, we build your templates from scratch each time, and ensure that these reflect your branding as described above and provide your site a unique look and feel.  A key element of the site build is to assess the Information architecture (the structure of the content to be displayed on your website), this will likely frive the site navigation structure, and can also impact the design.

Content is King

Once the shell of the website has been built we can start putting in the content for the website.  It may sound obvious, but content really is key to a successful website.  Many people think that by employing a web design company to design a fantastic looking website this will ensure they have a successful site. Most people will visit your website, not to look at a nice design (although a visually appealing website is certainly going to create a better impression to the visitor), but to find some information on your company. It is at this stage that we are very much reliant on you to provide us with content for your website, you know your business better than anyone, and we can't deny it you will have to do some work here too!  We will obviously be happy to help you in editing and uploading content to the website. Some clients opt to upload all the content to the website themselves once the site has been built in Inigo, we can make cost savings on this however from experience it is normally quicker if we carry out this process.

Site Assessments

Once your website has been completed and delivered the services we provide do not simply come to an end, we have a range of services that we can provide for you to measure the performance of your website. Your website should be an evolving tool, we can help you ensure that it evolves effectively, providing you with the returns you expect.

Cost effective

Another key factor that will inevitably influence your choice is cost.  We are a highly cost effective option for your web development work. Having previously worked as a team at a central London web agency doing the same sort of work we are doing  now. As a testament to our skills we have actually had several of our old clients continue to use our services.

It is not our aim to compete with companies who offer you a 20 page website for £200 (for example).  We deliver a quality product with exceptional value, a full website build will almost always take at least a week to complete, and could be any time upwards of that depending on how much functionality you wish to include.

We are now able to pass on significant cost savings over our previous charge out rates, with our usual charge out rate being about half what it used to be. We can do this by ensuring our overheads are kept at a very low level, we see no need to pay for expensive central London office space, with staff usually working from home, and only renting office space, on a very short term when necessary. We have found we are able to communicate effectively using the latest internet technologies to ensure that projects are delivered in a timely manner. We are completely transparent in the way that we work, and invite you to take advantage of our extensive knowledge and experience, at the best rates going!

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Passionate about building great websites

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