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3internet uses a pragmatic, business-oriented approach to design and build effective commercial websites. It is an approach which harmonizes content, structure, graphic design and technology to deliver productive sites and a refined user experience.

We have extensive experience in corporate IT delivery, commercial website design and consultancy. Together with our contract staff and partner companies we have delivered wide range of projects since 2003, in a relationship which provides a scalable and reliable framework for project delivery.

We consistently find that there are few key factors that set us apart from the opposition:

Business Driven
We understand that we are really in the business of finding and keeping customers. We prefer to put the emphasis on the keeping part.

Commercial View
Websites exist to generate income. We are keenly aware of the P&L, and endeavour to understand how each website contributes to the organisation. A fundamental part of this process is understanding the business goals so that we can drive development of the internet and intranet sites towards meeting specific success criteria from the outset.

Technically Superior
Two years ago we conducted extensive research into the content management market. We wanted a system that provided integrated web site management, ecommerce, email marketing and administration. And it had to be search engine friendly, easy to use, modular, scalable and robust. And built using commonly available technology so that we were assured of a readily available pool of developers. We ended up building our own as we were not prepared to compromise because we knew what our clients wanted and expected. The Inigo Content Management System meets all of those criteria, and much more.

Project Orientated
The common perception around websites is often that they are fun to build; there is a certain amount of glamour around the internet. This does not change the harsh reality that websites are really software projects in disguise. If you take a look at the history of software development you will see the most amazing legacy of failure with project overruns, exploding budgets and burnt out people. And there is nothing to say that building a website is any different - especially when you realise that the small software projects are the most prone to failure because small seems to imply that planning is superfluous. We plan. We plan some more, and then we write it up and agree a delivery schedule that works to time and budget.

Design Pragmatists
The real purpose of web design is to deliver information and remind the reader about who is providing it by reinforcing your brand image. That does not mean boring or dull. It does mean clear, legible and easy to find information. It also means accessible and adaptable to suit the reader. And it should be fun without being distracting, because we are human. Hopefully. 3internet does the graphical design last because it needs to support all the other elements of the website including content, structure and navigation. This means the design serves its purpose of delivering information (and gently reminding the reader of who is providing it) without getting in the way.

Our clients wanted integration so they had one security point to access their website administration, send emails to their registered users and update their online ordering system. They got it. That integration extends to the information in an Inigo website. Information can flow in and out using XML. Take a look at any Inigo webpage and change the address so that the page extension is 'xml'. Simple, but effective.

Client Led
Our clients drive our delivery. We do not do 'one size fits all'. That makes every project different, and every client happy.

Service Orientated
Client service is everything. That's why we provide unlimited email and telephone contact as part of our standard service agreement.

Passionate about building great websites

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