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Swan Turton is one of the leading media and entertainment law firms in Europe, with many of their partners being recognised as leaders in their field. Swan Turton provides a full range of top-quality, good value, legal services to people and businesses working in the media, entertainment and leisure sectors.

swan turton

Their website is fundamental to their positioning as leaders in their field and provides a means to push information the business community. The design of the website echoes their branding message of being complete professionals while able to think out of the box. The operation of the website has many direct benefits, such as reducing the time required to keep the website up to date, removing the need for an online brochure, and has streamlined the process of communicating with their online community.

The Project

Swan Turton required advanced website functionality so that they could use their website as an effective business tool

Swan Turton needed the ability to simply update the visual elements of the website without affecting its operation to facilitate their rebranding program and ongoing development.

They wished to allow the marketing team to update the content of the website without the need for technical knowledge or expertise.

Swan Turton wished to improve their Search Engine positioning and provide full accessibility to the Search Engines.

They wished to make the whole site accessible, intuitive to use and searchable.

The 'Early Warning' email newsletter system had to be integrated into the operation of the website and provide improved robustness of operation while adding the ability to send both text and HTML emails with automated unsubscribe functionality.

Key functions were to be automated such as the ability to automatically provide a printable version every page.

Simkins wished to have certainty of ongoing cost and support for budgetary control.

The Solution

3internet were able to provide Swan Turton with a complete solution using the Inigo Content Management System.

Inigo's advanced template system simplified the process of updating the design and means that a printable version of each page is generated automatically. The ability to create printable versions and store multiple versions of each page has yielded an unexpected benefit in the ability to print brochure material from the website.

Site updates are performed simply and quickly with an intuitive editor. The ease of use both reduced training needs and enabled editors to work effectively.

Inigo was designed for full search engine accessibility. This has proven to be remarkably effective with the Latest News items regularly appearing on the first page of major search engines.

Inigo provides advanced metadata capability that allows information to be linked together in intuitive ways, for example, partners can automatically be linked to related information and latest news items automatically appear in selected areas of the website.

The operation of the 'Early Warning' email newsletter has been vastly simplified compared to the previous system. Inigo prevents the sending of duplicate emails and allows targeting of emails by declared interest so that subscribers only receive relevant information. Essential functionality is automated to improve the level of service and this includes the automatic inclusion of an unsubscribe link and ability to send text or HTML email based on the subscriber's preference.

Inigo has been highly successful at Swan Turton. It allows one web editor to control a complex website and send thousands of email newsletters in minimal time. It has also provided the flexibility to extend and change the website without interrupting day-to-day operation and has successfully met all the goals that were set at the start of the project.

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