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Juddmonte Farms is one of the leading breeders and runners of racehorses in the world with operations in Europe and the United States of America.

The Juddmonte website is an essential part of their marketing and communications and provides an invaluable information resource at over 2,000 pages of content.

The Project

Juddmonte's previous website was difficult to update and rigid in structure. It was only partly updatable and the large portions of static content had to be changed by skilled web editors. Regular updates to the site had to be made manually and were time consuming and tedious to complete. The process of maintaining and extending the website was becoming very frustrating and costly.

Juddmonte was also concerned at the level of knowledge required to manage the website. There were critical functions that could only be completed by skilled editors who had the knowledge of the bespoke functionality. There was also the further problem that changes sometimes had unanticipated knock-on effects that made it difficult to anticipate the time and effort required to make the updates.

The Solution

3internet were able to provide Juddmonte with a complete solution using the unique abilities in the Inigo Content Management System.

Inigo's flexible template structure and site management capabilities provided that ability to manage the two parallel websites.

Inigo's unique formatting capabilities mean that Juddmonte can format race results using rules to avoid tedious and repetitive manual labour.

The News and archiving system meant that Juddmonte could control their news and archiving functions automatically.

The multimedia capability within Inigo simplified the management of video and photographs on the website.

Inigo supports Flash elements and that allowed Juddmonte to use animation as they required without upsetting the visual coherence or operation of the website.

The adaptable structure of an Inigo website means that Juddmonte are now able to archive information in a simply and effectively.

Juddmonte's web team are now in full control of their websites. They can update every page, add new sections and include new information as required.

The Juddmonte Inigo conversion was a great success. It also illustrated the speed and advantages of using Inigo as the entire conversion project was completed to schedule within three weeks and has substantially reduced the time required for ongoing maintenance. Juddmonteƕs efforts can now be directed towards enhancing the website and providing better new information for their visitors.

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