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To make your website a rewarding experience for your user it is likely that  you will wish to include graphics and multimedia within your site.

Using Inigo's built in multimedia manager you can upload new multimedia files to use with your website at any time required.  We can even add custom filters to enable images to be automatically manipulated to fit in with site guidelines

There is no need for you to run ftp software on your computer, and the interface is much more familiar for windows users to be up and running with quickly than getting used to the concept of ftp.  This also means that you can upload to your site anywhere you have an internet connection assuming that you have your login and password with you.

Multimedia files once uploaded can be used throughout the website, in emails sent out using Mailshooter, and included in multimedia linkmenus.  Multimedia linkmenus automatically list all the files in a multimedia folder.

All files added to the multimedia area can be categorised using Meta data in the same way that any inigo CMS page has Meta Data assigned to it.  This is important when using multimedia files with linkmenus as it means that you can display useful information about the files to your sites visitors.  Without this feature visitors would just see the file name and possibly file size.

When you click a file in the multimedia manager the system will automatically insert the appropriate underlying reference in to your page.  This means that you can easily add a range of image types, flash or links to other multimedia files.

Used alongside the Automatic thumbnail generating features of Inigo you can create image galleries within your website extremely easily.  Adding a new photo is a simple matter of uploading the photo as shown above.  The thumbnail image will be created automatically for you and the link added to the appropriate places.

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