Site Areas

Many larger sites have a range of areas, or sections within them, which may or may not be colour coded to create consistency throughout the site and provide the user a instinctive cue to where they can find the information they need.

Inigo introduces the idea of site areas, which can be used to help in creating sections and categorising pages within  your website.

Each page can be assigned to an area when it is created if necessary (however if you choose not use this feature it can be safely ignored - smaller sites often find it is not needed).

Each area can setup to be displayed slightly differently within the template, this means that one template can be used for different areas and still provide a different look and feel consistent with the area to which the page has been assigned.

Perhaps one of the most useful applications of site areas is in allowing different areas of the site to be searched.  If specified the search pages can be setup to allow the user the option of searching specific areas of the site, to find only the pages they are looking for.

Using the admin area, admin users can add new areas to the website at any time.

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