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In order to have more visually appealing headings images are used within websites, these have the disadvantage that they need to be built using an image editor and require a degree of design experience. 

Creating new images has traditionally been a manual task, involving the use of a software application to build the image, which must then be uploaded to the web server.  This image is then referenced from the web page by inserting an image tag into the html.

inigo CMS overcomes these problems by including an image generator function which allows headings to be automatically generated to pre specified guidelines.  All the user needs to do is simply enter the text into the editor, in exactly the same way as would be done for a normal text field.  The first time the page is then accessed the image is generated by the inigo CMS system, and stored on the server, and the image heading then appears within the page containing the text entered by the editor.

For instance to create the image above you would simply type in the box as below, and the Inigo system generates the image as above.

To see a demonstration of how this works please see the below flash movie, click the play button on the bottom left to play the movie.

Image generator is also used to produce thumbail images of images uploaded to your website using the multimedia file manager.   Thumbnail images can be generated to a specified height and width, and then be used to display a fast downloading preview of the larger more detailed image.

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