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One of the problems with a traditional HTML website is you have no means of tracking changes made to pages over a period of time.  With a static site every time you upload a new html web page, previous versions of the page are lost which means you have no way of being sure what was being displayed on your website at any given time, or of going back to previous versions of pages.  Of course with diligent backing up, or use of third party products such as source safe you can track changes to files, however this can often be overlooked due to the extra overhead involved.

Inigo takes control of page versioning for you.  Every time you promote a page to your website a new version is automatically created.  All old versions of the page content are stored and are available for viewing by admin users, an old version of a page can be reverted to at any time allowing you to restore a page to a previous state if changes have gone wrong for any reason.  When viewing a page's properties you can see a list of all versions of that page, who they were last saved by, and promoted by. 

If you wish to preview an old example of a page you simply click the preview button next to that version.  Clicking revert will set the current editable version of the page to the version you have selected.  This will allow you to make changes as necessary or simply promote the page back to the website.

When you are editing a page on your website, you don't want other people to overwrite your changes inadvertently or otherwise.  To secure against this when you click to edit a page this page will be signed out to you for editing.  Other admin users will be able to see that the page is signed out to you, so will know why they are unable to edit the page currently.  When you are happy with the changes you have made, if you are a site super user you can click the promote icon to promote the page to the live website with the changes you have made.  Alternatively if your are not happy with the changes you have made then you can discard the changes and the page will be released for editing to other users, the live version will remain unchanged, in this instance no record will be kept of the changes you had made.

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