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Inigo Content Management system, has the ability to run a website in multiple languages.  Yes you'll still have to translate the content, but Inigo allows you to have the one site, one structure, and the system allows you to maintain multiple language versions of that site.

This makes it much easier for you to make manage your website in multiple languages.  The structure of the site can remain exactly the same across all languages, enabling you to maintain a consistent look and feel, and content across all your global websites. 

All you need do to setup a new language is add the language in your administration area, as shown in the below diagram.  You should also set the default language for your website to display in, in this area.

Language selection graphic

The default language is used to decide which language to display when a user first comes into the website, and to display content when no content has been entered in the current selected language.   For example if you add a new page to your website, you may not have been able to get the translations for all languages immediately, if this is the case until you have the translations the default language text will be displayed.  This may also be relevant for meta data, you have the ability to maintain separate meta data for each language, however we have found that this is not always done, to avoid blank meta data appearing in foreign language versions of your website, the default language version will be served.

The language version that is displayed can be decided by the use of a language bar that is permanently visible, and allows the user to select the language they wish to view.  It can be setup to be dependent on which domain name the visitor to your site is viewing your site on, or on the visitors browser settings.  We will simply implement your preferred solution.

If you wish any further details on Inigo Content management system's multi language capabilities please contact us, and we will be happy to arrange for a demonstration.

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