Inigo Spell Checker

Inigo has a built in spell checker.  By default this spell checker uses a British English  dictionary, although we can also cater for alternative dictionaries.Spell Checker context menu

You can use two methods for spell checking your pages.  The easiest is simply to select a single word and then use the context menu to spell check that word only.  The spell checker uses a C# and back end in common with the whole Inigo content management system) to check the spelling of your selection. 

Each user can add words to their dictionary which are stored on their machine as Cookies, allowing commonly used words that are not in the dictionary to be recognised.  The spell checker has the all the features you would expect to find in a word processor.

Spell Checker dialog


One of the best things about our spell checker is that, as with the whole of the Inigo content management system it requires no special plugins.  You simply need to be using an Internet Explorer 5.5 browser or greater to take advantage of features that are only available in this browser.  Obviously pages built using the Inigo editor will be cross browser compatible, only the Admin editor is restricted to use with Internet Explorer.



Please contact us to request a telephone demonstration of any of the features of the Inigo Content Management system or to discuss any of our services.

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