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Inigo content management system unlike some other content management systems is built from from the start with the aim of helping you to get your site listed on search engines.  With a range of techniques used to ensure a good ranking.

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Search engine spiders crawl the web and try to find the links in your website, this enables them to automatically find all of the pages in your website.  A poorly designed website can result in your website being poorly 'crawled', and many of your pages not being indexed.

A key feature of Inigo is that all pages although they are generated from the Content Management system, are not generated using the traditional method of passing a long Querystring to the content management system.  This method often results in urls ending like :


 the problem is that a url such as this is not followed by all search engines.  Some search engines avoid links like this, one suggested reason for this is that they wish to avoid ending up in an endless loop.  Inigo pages are all accessed by a static looking url  :

This page is

The use of these Search engine friendly urls throughout the the system means, that more of your pages are indexed, by more of the search engines.

We also help to ensure your site gets indexed effectively by designing all Inigo sites appropriately.  We understand the main areas that are important in ensuring that search engines can read your pages easily, we use this knowledge to build templates that are built with appropriate content in the key areas.  Good search engine positioning can usually be gained by using a few simple rules to ensure that the search engine spiders read the important information about your pages.  We firmly believe the key to a good search engine placing is actually fairly simple ; relevant content (and lots of it), effective site design to ensure that all the content is accessible to not only your visitors but also to search engine crawlers.

We do also offer a range of further specialist Search engine submission, and optimisation packages, for clients where achieving top results in the main search engines are essential.  This is often particularly necessary when your site is in a particularly competitive market, where many sites are vying for the top position.

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