Secure Realms

While the obvious first use of most companies website is to advertise themselves and their products to a wide as possible audience, there are times when this is not the case.

You may wish to make some details available to clients, which you do not wish every body to be able to see.   inigo CMS enables you to easily assign a page within your website to be part of a secure realm.  This means that to view the page someone would have to be logged in to your website, and have been granted access to the realm that you have assigned the page to.

From within the inigo CMS admin area you have the ability to create a unlimited number of secure realms.  A realm being a conceptual secure group of pages, for instance you may wish to create a realm with the name "White papers" which you'd assign web pages with white papers on new products to.  

Realm access manager diagram
Above shows how you could manage access to realms.  Example shows three total site users available
You can manage thousands of users in this way if you require.

To allow users access to a specific realm you can use the Admin area to allow individual users access to any available realm.  You may also view and edit all the users who are assigned to a singular realm on one page, enabling you to add multiple users to a realm quickly.

As with any inigo CMS feature we can customise these features to your requirements, for instance if you require users to simply fill in a registration form and then be given the appropriate access we can build this in. 

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