Extendable and Customisable

inigo CMS provides a wide range of functionality to enable you to be up and running with your website in extremely short time.  You may however have wondered what happens when you wish have specific requirements for further custom developments to your website.

We have seen the problems that can be caused by trying to run a website written in a range of languages and systems can cause.  This is what can sometimes happen if you wish to have a custom development added to your website.

inigo CMS is written entirely using Microsoft Technology, specifically using C# and the ASP.Net platform to provide all of the features that go together to make the system the powerful tool that it is.  All of the content is stored using the Enterprise level SQL Server 2000 database.  One of the big advantages of this approach is that this allows us to extend the system using custom modules which can directly access all of functionality of the  system, and therefore you can be sure that if you require extra customised functionality we inigo CMS will be able to help.  Not only can we build in customisations, we can also normally do so amazingly quickly due to the nature of the system, and the huge benefits of working with Microsoft's .Net technology.

Passionate about building great websites

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