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Inigo allows you to maintain a database of website users who can subscribe to mailing lists on different subjects.  You can set up any number of mailing lists from the administration area and can use these  however you wish.

The Mailshooter functionality is not intended to allow you to send mass mailshots to bought in lists.  We are strongly opposed to the sending of spam emails and treat any instances of spam very seriously.  This system can only be used to send mails to registered users of your website.

Sending mails to your registered users allows you to maintain the 'stickiness' of your website ensuring that people remain interested in your site and keep coming back. 

We can create an html template for you to start from, you can build your own starting point, or you can simply send each html email formatted individually.  Each mail can be individually addressed (e.g Dear Matt) and all mails are sent individually to each subscriber, meaning no more Bcc'd messages.  This is all automatically handled by the system.

The editor for the email is based on the same editor that you will use to enter content for your web pages.  It is a Wysiwyg editor, and allows you access to all of the same functions you're used to within the main editor, such as tables and images.

Every mail that is sent out by Mailshooter is sent with a secure link at the end which allows people to update their list subscriptions (unsubscribe if necessary), and to change the mail format they prefer to receive messages in (Html or Text).  Mailshooter has built in functionality to manage multipart format emails meaning that when you send a html format email if someone's email client is unable to display html it will simply display the text version instead.  The system automatically generates a text version email from the html content you enter in the editor, however you have the ability to amend this to ensure that it looks as you want it to.  If someone has specifically requested to only receive text format emails the text only version will be sent to them.

You can manage subscribers on-line through the admin area, no more need to mess around with typing complex parameters in the subject and replying to your list admin.  This can be managed on a list view where you can see all available users, and all subscribers to that list, and add or remove users, or can be done on an individual users profile.

Mailshooter makes it easy for you to stay in touch with your audience and to make the most of your website.

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