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In any website is important that users can find their way to the information that they are looking for in the  shortest time possible.  If users cannot find what they are looking for then they are likely to move on.

One way of making content easily accessible is to generate links to related content, or to provide a list of latest news stories. 

inigo CMS handles these types of menus by housing a "linkmenu" in the template.  This linkmenu can then be setup to display a list of links based upon criteria which users can specify within the editor.  When editing a page which contains a linkmenu, an editor is displayed within the page, allowing you to change the parameters used to select which links to display.

Inigo Link menu editorThe criteria you specify in the linkmenu editor will determine which pages are included in the list of links that appear on your website.

Each inigo CMS web page is based upon a template that is created to allow you to edit a page within the predefined structure, look and feel for your website.  As such you can choose to included pages that use certain templates, normally a link menu would only include pages using one particular template, but any number can be included.

Within a website a number of areas can be setup and pages can be categorised as belonging to a particular area, this concept can be utilised by link menus to include only pages in a particular area.  For example if you wanted a list of related links you may select to only include pages in the same area as the page containing the linkmenu.

You can also select the ordering of items displayed in the list, this can be done by based upon text areas within the pages to be linked to, meta data attached to those pages, or simply on date added or page title.

If all that wasn't enough then you can select to only include pages from a specific folder that you have setup, the above graphic shows the editor for the linkmenu you see on the lower left side of this page.

The best thing about link menus is that when you add a new page to your website it will automatically be displayed within any linkmenu where it fulfils the criteria.  This means less work for you and people visiting your website are always presented with the latest information available.

NEW - Link menus now support integration with Multimedia folders within your website.  This means that you can gain exactly the same benefits you do with normal pages in linkmenus for all of your images, and other multimedia files.  When used with our Automatic thumbnail generator this can allow you to display image galleries with minimal effort.  Simply upload a new image to the appropriate multimedia folder and the thumbnail image will automatically be generated and displayed on your site.  To make this work effectively you should always specify appropriate Meta Data, describing your images when uploading them, this enables the link menu to give meaningful descriptions of images.

This features can also be utilised very well if you maintain a list of press cuttings as pdf documents (or images).  All you would need to do make a press cutting available in your pages would be to upload it using the inbuilt multimedia file manager.


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