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Designing and building a stunning website is only half of the job in ensuring your website provides you a measurable return.  Once your website has gone live, there will be a need to maintain the website in order to keep your visitors interested in the sites content. 

In the early stages of the internet companies would pay firms such as ours to make even minor text updates to their website on an adhoc basis.  This presents a two-fold problem for companies maintaining their website, firstly it will cost them for each change, and secondly (and perhaps more importantly) there will nearly always be a time delay involved with this approach.  More recently there has been a trend towards sites which provide website owners with an interface to allow them to maintain areas of their website themselves.  Often these tools can be complex to understand, limited in their functionality and difficult to use for the inexperienced user.

inigo CMS provides you with not only the means to maintain your website, but goes far beyond that in providing an advanced set of tools, enabling you to get much more from your website than just an online advertisement.

Inigo Browse Toolbar
inigo CMS CMS browse toolbar

Many content management systems will claim to be user friendly, and require minimal training. inigo CMS really does deliver on these promises, edits to the site can be performed by clerical staff with only a few hours of training required.  Once logged in to inigo CMS, you can browse the website as normal, you may then browse to any page within the site as normal, and when you find a page you wish to edit you simply click the edit button.  Once in edit mode, specific areas of the page that are editable will be highlighted and you can simply edit the text, and press save to update the website.  With each change a version history is created, detailing the user and time the change was made.  A page can be reverted to any previous version at any time, and previous versions can be viewed, meaning that you can see what was displayed on your website at any given time.

inigo CMS is capable of handling multi-language websites.  inigo CMS provides a powerful solution for sites where the structure of a website remains constant across different languages.  Your site can be maintained in multiple languages with the minimum of effort required from you.

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